Lots to celebrate!

I’ve had an interesting few weeks – when a lovely friend of mine, Amy Miranda, http://www.thelunchsite.com, sent me to see her shaman, Daniel Leonard, medicinecircle.ca, I really didn’t know what to expect. I just knew that 2015 is the year of transformation, according to all my friends who are spiritually tuned in, and I’ve really been moving towards change, connection, believing in myself and in the creative fire I’ve been given.  Well, since I’ve seen him, things have opened up for me in a beautiful way. He did something that connected me back to myself and I’ve woken up without fear (which for someone who’s suffered PTSD is quite a thing), I’ve had so many people ask me to help them in their path of creativity, and I’ve come to reach out more and more myself (another miracle for someone who grew up thinking isolation was the norm). I’m celebrating a new job working with a branded content company, and a wonderful editor friend, Simone Smith, http://cfccreates.com/alumni/1618, cut a director’s reel for me, which I’m so proud to share. So here it is, and thank you to anyone who checks it out.


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