Learning about Digital Marketing!

I was lucky enough today to have a group chat with Annelise Larson, Digital Marketing Specialist @veriatwee through the @FromOurDarkSide Award I won for my thriller treatment, Deception, and it was super fascinating!  First of all, I should be hashtagging more than I am, and I need to start a new Twitter account, separate from @GloryousFIlms – so @Deception will be the new account!  Also, niche audiences are the thing – I’ve heard this before, and one of my films, Why Do I Dance, has almost a million views on Youtube because it hit a chord with dancers all over the world. And keywords are the thing! It was an interesting chat, and a good way to think about audience. All of us are here to connect and creative people really want that connection. I truly believe that is why we’re here in this universe – to create, connect and communicate! So, I’m sending love out on this wonderful Easter weekend and on the cusp of the full moon! And if anyone wants to check out Why I Dance…Pourquoi je danse… here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NW8qUKxQiQU


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