Last day to vote and register for my Director Pitch of the Twilight Saga Short Film Competition!

Last week, I found out I’m in the Top 30 of the Lionsgate Twilight Series Short Film Competition, and am one of only TWO Canadian directors to get in! I’m blown away by this!  I worked really hard on the pitch, and got help from some incredible people: Emese Unger, for graphic design, John Charles Newton for storyboards, Jerome Persaud shot my director pitch, and Simone Smith edited it.  It has been a humbling and transformative experience to have people believe in me, and help me out.  I think what makes filmmaking both the most challenging and also the most wonderful of the arts is that you can’t do it alone.  And I really think that as artists, the reason why we NEED to express ourselves and create is that we NEED to connect. And having the process be one of having to connect as well, is something that has taught me about trusting myself and others.
This is the last day to register and rate, and regardless of what happens, I will be overwhelmed with gratitude with the response and support I’ve gotten from friends, colleagues, acquaintances and Twilight fans.  If you have time today before noon PST, I would most appreciate if you could please register and rate all 30 projects in the competition (you have to do all for it to take in your vote) and give me 5 Stars and a Heart.  I’m under project, The Mary Alice Brandon File, with my full name Gloria Ui Young Kim.  Here’s the link!
And here’s a link to step by step diagrams, as the website can be a bit confusing:

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